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A Normally Insane

;abnormal; disobedient; intractable; depraved; troublesome and delinquent; if you know what i mean;

She’s a rebel

P.S: taken by mum. And she did the “stylish” part too 😄

Di Akhir Cerita

Semua tetap sama, meski aku mencoba menghilangkannya
Aku bagaikan potongan puzzle yang terbuang
Seperti setangkai bunga yang perlahan layu
Karena tertutup bayanganmu, tanpa kau sadari aku mulai mengering
Apakah perasaan jauh dan kesepian karena cinta
Mulai mendera kita?

Bibirku mulai tertutup, senyumku hilang
Mata kita yang menatap ketempat berbeda,
Apa hanya aku yang merasakan hal seperti ini?

Dibalik pintu tertutup itu,
Disanalah tempat dimana cinta menuntun kita
Sepertinya aku harus membacanya dalam bahasa yang berbeda
Ketika fikiran kita yang saling menyimpang,
Dan menyamakan cara pandang
Kembalikan aku seperti memutar waktu di jam,
Kembalikan aku ke masa-masa bahagia itu
Menemukan semua ini bukan salahku membuat hatiku memburu,
Terlebih saat aku menatap wajahmu

Terperangkap dalam kebencian, perasaan ini sungguh membingungkan
Aku berharap kau berkata padaku,
Semua akan kembali indah saat waktu berlalu

Tidak pernahkah kau merasa seperti ini,
Ketika kau begitu kesepian?
Tidak pernahkah kau merasa seperti ini,
Ketika tiba – tiba air matamu jatuh?

Saat kita sampai pada halaman terkahir cerita kita
Cerita seperti apakah selanjutnya yang akan terjadi?
Apakah kau sudah mencapainya? Seperti apakah aku?
Apakah kau sudah mencapainya? saat kubuka kedua mata ini
Aku harap cerita cinta kita tetap tertulis rapih,
Meski berkali kita coba hapus dan tulis kembali

Semua hal baik telah menghilang,
Yang tersisa hanyalah lelucon dari orang tidak tahu cerita kita
Aku ingin kembali ke sisimu
Menyebrangi air mata ini, melewati gurun kesepian
Aku mohon kau ada disana diakhir dari langkah kakiku

Bisakah kau menghilangkan kesepian ini?
Bisakah kau mebuat air mata ini berhenti?
Apakah kau sudah mencapainya? Seperti apakah aku?
Apakah kau sudah mencapainya? Di halaman terakhir itu

Saat kubuka kedua mata ini
Aku harap cerita cinta kita tetap tertulis rapih,
Meski berkali kita coba hapus dan tulis kembali

Caught in Your Chokehold

I’ve never felt like I was spinning so out of control in my entire life

It was as if the ocean had risen up and swallowed me; I was drifting with no sense of direction and no understanding of just how to get my self out

On the heels of this sensation of drowning came the frightful thought that I might not want to be rescued from it

If I had truly been cold a moment ago; It had vanished; replaced by suffocating warmth

The warm wasn’t a heat a kind to being singed, burned, and in pain

It was a steady warmth that erupted from inside

The closest way I can describe it is like drinking hot cocoa and feeling the pool of warmth spread as the drink sinks thru one ‘s system

This warmth started somewhere inside of my chest and reached every inch of my being

My head was the last part to be swallowed up by the sensation

I had to try; Very hard;

To understand what was happening

That was when the ocean rose up

All of my thoughts were erased while I was helpless to do anything; But stare into his eyes

The wave came towards me and all I could do was stare in awe

I closed my eyes

Not sure that I could stand to watch the wave pull me under

However, my senses were beaten and towed under mercilessly

I struggled to find my way back to some kind of surface

I needed air; I needed to breath

When I tried, the ocean rose up again and reclaimed me as it’s victim

I wanted to be a part of him so bad

That I stopped struggling inwardly towards any sort of surface

I looked at him

His presence was encompassing; again

I was staring into that swell of ocean again, wanting and dreading it all at the same time

I wanted to be swalloed up in that range of emotions again

I wanted to be with him

I only wanted to ever be with him; But it was wrong

His sparkling eyes were back

Sometime, they were like a small universe with these guiding stars

I just wanted to let him take me wherever he would lead

Being in his side was like with an ocean and a vast universe

I had the potential to become lost to these two


The Conscience

Hello, there!

When I open my eyes in the morning, I think of you

Your sweet scent
Your heart fluttering whispers

And then.. You are coming to me

I pretend to not care as I say hello
But I freeze after our eyes meet
I feel like a fool for some reason
Do you know that my feelings are growing day by day?

Hey, I really like you
Look at me, shyly talking to you
I want to show you my heart a little bit

Heaven is falling down

When you look at me and smile

My sky is especially bright
The wind tickles the tip of my nose
Your scent makes me dizzy
I think my watch is broken, because..
Why does time go so fast when I’m with you?

Fall in love, it’s a common expression
But it’s the only thing I can think of right now

My all, your low voice is my weakness
I’m so out of it when I hear your voice

My heart starts to pound
I close my eyes, I don’t know, I just wanna tell you everything

"I still have feelings for you. And no matter how many times I tell myself that I’m better off without you, a part of me just won’t let go"

© A Normally Insane

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